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June 2015
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How Can You Spot the Perfect Time to Quit Your Job?

June 17, 2015   

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There are many situations in our lives when working in the same place feels boring and we just want something new, a fresh start, a place where we do feel like we matter and where we can make a difference. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best signs that show you when you need to quit your job and get a new one!

You lack passion

When you lose passion, then it’s game over! Passions should strive you to do anything in your life, if passion is lacking, then you need to quit and just do something else, clearly!

You don’t feel like going to work

If the morning comes and you just don’t want to go to work, then this is a clear sign that you should quit your job as fast as possible and find a new one that you will enjoy working for.

You dislike the colleagues

In order for you to be productive, you need to feel welcomed and right at home at your workplace. If by any means you feel that your current job does not bring you the amount of respect you want, then quitting is the best possible option.

The company culture does not suit you and you don’t believe in it

This clearly shows that your involvement in the company is minimal, so finding a new workplace might indeed be the thing you need the most.

You can’t bring your best

If your work performance suffers, then this is yet another thing showing you that you have to quit. Productivity is essential for you as a person as well as an employee, so if you do lack productivity, just find a new workplace.

You can’t find a life-work balance

When you feel overworked and actually work a lot at home as well as the workplace, then you start hating your job. You need to establish boundaries, and quitting your job might be the best option, if you can’t find other solution.

You feel that your skills aren’t used

We all want to put our skills to good use, but there are situations and companies where they are stagnating. Of course, this is something we want to avoid, so we have to continually improve our skills and, if possible, use them to obtain astounding results.

More duties, but the same pay

When you get more work, you do want to be paid better, of course. But if your current workplace exploits your abilities and doesn’t remunerate you properly, then you have to find a new job.

You can’t speak up for yourself and be heard

A good employee will feel valued and his ideas will always be heard. The main idea here is that if you are not listened at all, you should focus on finding a new job.

As you can see, there are many ways you can see that it’s a perfect time to quit your job. Bottom line, if you just feel disrespected, or just find a constant stress when you work, then finding a new job is a very good idea, so don’t hesitate and do that, you will surely appreciate the outcome!

Senior Systems Developer – Cloud Solutions, Software & Web Sydney Australia

5 Valuable Job Hunting Tips During the Holiday Season

June 12, 2015   

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Sometimes, life just doesn’t count if you prepare for the holidays or have a birthday for example, instead you might find yourself without a job. Don’t worry though, even during the holiday period you will still be able to find a job, as long as you put your mind to it and work hard.

  1. Don’t stop looking even if it’s December.

Sure, the end of the year is coming, but there are many managers that want to start the new year with fresh employees and a new perspective. There are many job searches going on during December, so it’s a very good idea to continue job hunting right until Christmas, because you are bound to win some great job this way. You will see that interviews still take place during this period and numerous job ads can be found online, so you will surely like the result.

  1. There’s less competition

Just like you probably wanted to do before reading this article, many people are giving up and instead try to prepare for the holidays. Don’t do that, you will lose a ton of opportunities this way. There are many jobs that are looking for a candidate which has to fill them quickly, so you have to try and find a job at all times. Especially in such a situation when the competition is scarce to begin with.

  1. Flexibility

Of course, since the holidays are closing in, the interview times might vary, but do try and be professional as well as flexible, because in the end only great results can come out of this. With professionalism you can go a long way, and the results will be much appreciated in this regard.

  1. If you get hired around this time, you won’t start until the new year

Most of the time, when you get hired during the holidays, you will have time to spend with your family, because you will be free during the holidays. You do need training and other stuff that only current employees can provide, so if they are on holiday, you will be on holiday as well.

  1. Patience

You will need to wait sometimes before you get invited for an interview, so go job hunting and be patient, the results you seek are right in front of you! Patience is a great virtue in this regard, just wait to be contacted.

In conclusion, even if you might want to get hired during the holidays, you don’t have to despair, there are many opportunities that you can take full advantage of, just continue to search for jobs up until Christmas, because there is a very high demand for workforce during the holidays. Most fields of work are recruiting in December, so you do need to make the most out of this and ensure that you are on the winning side!

Senior Systems Developer – Cloud Solutions, Software & Web Sydney Australia