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iOS Applications You Need For Successful Job Hunting

February 19, 2015

Smartphones have entered deep in our lives, and now we can use them for literally everything. Even in the case of job hunting, an iPhone can be very useful, since you can get access to a multitude of job sites via iOS applications. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best iOS apps that will help you make the most out of your job hunt. Job Search

Monster’s app allows you to always stay connected to the web’s job search environment. It allows you to create your own resume and apply with it at any given time, no matter where you are. Whenever new jobs are matching your search, you will receive an immediate notification.

Indeed Job Search

Indeed’s app harnesses the power of this amazing job search engine and it allows you with complete access to a multitude of companies, brands and job boards. The searching process is seamless and the results are well worth it.

Job Search Engine

Thanks to daily updates, close to 2 million different jobs and numerous companies that use it, This app is a great alternative for those that want a simpler app but with a lot of exposure in regards to job hunting.


Snagajob is suitable for full time as well as part time job search, and it manages to bring a lot of interesting, exciting features such as complete access to the database, great filters and a unique interface.

Job Compass

Job Compass comes with a very interesting premise, as it uses the power of GPS locating in order to find all the jobs in your immediate area. You receive complete job restrictions, and you can even apply from your phone if you want, without restrictions.

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search is a wonderful, exciting application that you can use in order to obtain the most out of LinkedIn. You can use the social media platform for professionals to find jobs here, apply to them also you can even receive notifications if necessary.


Tweetmyjobs requires you to sign up via Twitter or Facebook, and then you will receive job recommendations. It’s a nice tiny app with a good interface and a unique matching system that actually works.


Linkup is a tool that seeks jobs on the employer websites, so it manages to be more up to date than other tools, which is surely a great thing for the tool. Moreover, the app manages to bring an intuitive interface and a wide range of other features that you will enjoy using!

To sum up, you have a multitude of choices when it comes to the iOS apps that you can use to search for jobs. In the end, all of these jobs can bring some astounding results, so all you have to do is to integrate these apps into your job hunt endeavors, as you are bound to be a lot more successful in finding the job you need!

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